Soft Software is a privately held company, began its successful foray into the IT world in 2013, today, Soft Software has grown as a leading Software Development & Web Development companies in India. We understand the varying needs of our customers and develop well-packaged solutions that exceed expectations. On time, cost-effective solutions have led us to consistently serve as many clients, In the Jharkhand & Bihar . We provide range of products and services by deep domain expertise and close-knit associations with leading technologies.

Our experience that has not just satisfied its esteemed clients, but also met prevalent international IT standards. This is attained chiefly due to the years of software development exposure leveraged by the management expertise and commitment to adhere to global standards.

Vision, Innovation, quality, steady growth, continuous improvement ... these words describe the company. The origin of Soft Software is deeply rooted in the software development technology. The strategy built into the corporate structure of Soft Software indicates a new way of thinking about applications software.

Soft Software provides designing and developing software solutions for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications. Our software solutions enable customers to streamline internal operations, facilitate communication among team members, capture and share learning and build better products-quickly and easily. Our products are distinguished by their power and flexibility, and also by their simplicity and cost efficiency. They are scalable and offer nearly infinite options for configuration. Yet they work across platforms, they can be installed right out of the box, and they can be acquired at a cost that will work with any IT budget.